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MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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At MSC we provide a range of high quality Australian made safes for people looking to secure their valuables at home. There is no point in placing your highly valued items in a cheaply made safe, which in most cases can be opened in seconds. There are thousands of MSC safes in homes throughout Australia. We stock a range of floor mounted safes, in-floor safes in Western Australia. If you are serious about security then you should talk to one of our highly skilled friendly staff who can help you obtain the right safe for your individual needs.

Platinum Urban Safes

The Urban Safe offers premium protection against theft and fire. Ideal for securing cash, jewellery, personal files such as passports and certificates as well as digital cameras and laptops. This heavy duty safe is perfect for the home or office providing high protection at an affordable price.

12mm fireboard for an approx 30 min fire rating
Heavy duty 4 way locking bolts
Total door thickness 10 mm with heavy duty 4 way locking bolts
Total body thickness 20mm featuring solid 8mm mild steel plate
180 deg hinge provides additional space for storage
Stylish chrome plated spindle handle & stainless steel decoration plate
Superior door security with 32mm interlocking bolts, relocking device & anti-drill plate
Internal LCD light on model U4
Quality Australian-made digital & key locks
UL listed La Gard combination lock
Resilient powder coated finish in metallic grey
5 year warranty on safe body & lock (residential use only)

Dominator Premium Safeguard DS Safes



Containing a high quality steel and penetration resistant concrete composite body and door, the DS Series is an optimum solution to security in commercial applications requiring a moderate level of protection against theft and fire.

The 5 sizes in the range allow suitable options for use as a high security domestic safe, or an efficient and effective security fixture for business and commercial use.

Offering the best value for money possible, the DS Series is the setting benchmark in both domestic and commercial security. Scroll down to find out more.


The smallest in the series, the DS-0 is a domestic sized high security commercial quality fire and theft resistant safe, ideal for protecting important personal documents and valuable in the home.


Large enough to fit important document folders, but small enough to not impose on space limitations, the DS-1 is an ideal solution for large domestic or small commercial use.


Security and space come together in the DS-2 to provide a practically sized commercial fire and security safe that boasts all of the high security features expected in a quality built safe.


Additional storage capacity and locking points highlight the features in the DS-3 safe. A tailored commercial strength with enough space to offer flexibility of use.


The largest in the range, the DS-4 caters for high volumes of secure storage while maintaining all of the qualities and features of the DS Series of commercial safes.

Dominator HS Series Safes



Secured by a solid 12mm thick steel plate door with hardened steel and secondary relocking devices, the HS series is a premium domestic safe that perfectly combines home security and efficient use of space.

The interior walls are lined with 12mm thick fire retardant paneling, allowing 30 minutes of protection from fire, and the carpet throughout provides a tidy interior finish.

With 3 size options, catering from small domestic use up to large volume paper and valuables storage, the HS series is one of the best value for money safes on the Australian market. Scroll down to find out more.


While the HS-1 is the smallest in the series, it is still large enough to securely store vital A4 documents inside. Secured by 3 extra-large 32mm diameter locking bolts, the HS-1 is the perfect domestic safe.


An efficient use of space, additional locking points and increased security features found in the HS-2 safe allow it to provide unrivalled value for money.


Commercial internal sizing in a domestic safe allows for higher than average storage capacity requirements without needing to pay for unnecessary commercial safe features.


The increased height in the HS-4 improves accessibility without imposing further on floor space. The narrow profile allows installations where limited depth of space is available.