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MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes and Anti Hold-up Safes

If your business conducts daily transactions using cash then securing your money in the right safe is vitally important. With the increase in hold-ups and burglarys it is important that you select the correct safe for your businesses security. At MSC we provide a range of high quality Australian made deposit safes, anti hold-up safes, time delay lock safes, cash management intermediate safes, drawer deposit chutes and many more security solutions, all designed to provide individuals and businesses with a range of options to suit their unique needs.


Second Hand Deposit Safes

Stronghold Deposit Safe DEP21

WEIGHT: 65kg - 21L

SIZE: 510(H) x 355(W) x 355(D)mm


Anti Hold-Up Safes With Time Delay Lock

WEIGHT: 35kg

SIZE: 375(H) x 305(W) x 255(D)mm

All 6mm plate
Main door has 105mm x 20mm posting slot and secured by Medico key lock with 3 to 15 minute time delay
Internal cupboard has 105mm x 20mm
Posting slot and is secured by 6 lever pick resistant key lock

No overnight cash rating for 6mm container.

Cashguard Anti Hold-Up Clearance

695mm high x 700mm wide x 535mm deep
2 x 20mm recessed bolt holes in base
Drawer deposit - 30mm high x 200mm wide x 160mm deep
Internal cash management compartment all 12mm construction with dual key access
115mm high roll-out change drawer with time delay latching and buzzer or light indicator
Main door secured by 3 wheel S&G combination lock
Delivery and installation level access
If digital lock required an additional cost

Cash Management Safe

Ideal for managing up to $5000 overnight (stand alone) or more if secured inside suitable safe
12mm construction
1 x restricted key lock for cash clearing company and 1 x standard keylock for the safe user
Drawer deposit size (H) 75mm x (W) 183mm x (D) 120mm
Provision to bolt to floor or inside suitable safe.

Cash Management Intermediate Safes

Upper safe with digital or CS401 time delay lock with Medeco key operation
Deposit drawer
Restricted dual key access cash clearance safe securing bolt work mechanism
All 12mm construction
Two 12mm bolt holes in bottom and back
Weight 130KG


Drawer Deposit Chute Safes

Available in front, rear, side or through wall access
Adaptable to most CMI models
Clear drawer opening size

Height - 130mm
Width - 230mm
Depth - 180mm

Available with lock on chute (Standard on T.D.R. models)
Drawer runs on heavy roller bearings

Please note: Drawer deposit chute add 230mm to height of safe


Mini Deposit Safes

CMI Mini Deposit Safes are ideal for moderate security where multiple staff
need to deposit money into the safe.

DOOR: Heavy 12mm steel plate with rear dog bar to ensure security even if hinges are cut through.

BODY: Heavy 6mm steel reinforced with steel bar all around front edges with 18mm x width of safe posting slot above door mounting.

MOUNTING: All models are provided with 2 x 15mm holes in back and base for fixing with 4 masonry anchors.


Subway Restaurant Safes

Change safe on top 200mm high
Drawer deposit chute 75mm high x 183mm wide x 120mm deep
1 x restricted key lock for cash clearing company
1 x standard key lock for safe user


Truck Strongbox With Posting Slot

Nil Fire Resistance

Designed to be bolted into vehicle for mobile security
All 6mm construction
6 lever pick resistant key lock
Removable door
100mm x 10mm posting slot and baffle

External Dimensions
Height - 300mm
Width - 150mm
Depth - 150mm

Internal Dimensions
Height - 250mm
Width - 138mm
Depth - 138mm

Weight - 10kg


Under Counter Drop Box

2 x 16mm bolt holes in back and 2 x 16mm bolt holes in base
Posting slot 90mm x 20mm
All 6mm construction
6 lever pick resistant key lock mounted on 6mm hard plate


Premier TDR Model PRB-DDS Deposit Drawer Slot

Deposit chute size 30h x 200 w x 160d
45K insurance rating
1 x adjustable shelf
Weight 342 kg


Security Safe Model SLSA - D

Deposit slot 25mm x 150mm
20K insurance rating
1 x adjustable shelf
Weight 212 kg