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MSC Safe Co

MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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Secure-All Security In-Floor Safe

Flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection
Interchangeable door (8kg) secured by 3 wheel S&G combination lock
Clear 155mm access to contents storage area 265 x (280 x 280)

CMI Collector In-ground Safe

EDF or TDR Option
Made In Australia
BODY: Reinforced with steel gussets in corners.
DOOR: 20mm thick steel door plate with
gas-ram to assist lifting of door.
MOUNTING: Suitable for installation in
concrete or concrete encased in timber floors
with heavy duty lid (dust cover) forming part of
floor surface.
RELOCKING DEVICES: Incorporated in door.
BOLTWORK: Heavy-duty boltwork with rack
and pinion mechanism.
INSURANCE: Suggested insurable cash rating
for Collector Floor Safes in an unsupported (no
alarms) domestic situation is EDF $40,000
and TDR $75,000.
• Digital locking
• Dial combination locking

Mark I Torch And Drill Resisting In-floor Safe

One million change keyless combination lock
Large door opening 178mm x 127mm (7" x 5") on hinged door model. 254mm x 127mm (10" x 5") on lift-out door model
Suitable for mounting in floor
Proven resistance to drilling, oxy-acetylene cutting and explosives
Relocking devices incorporated in door
Boltwork activated by Rack & Pinion mechanism preventing pening problems often associated with ordinary floor safes