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MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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In-floor Safes

Offering naturally high levels of physical protection, a high quality MSC floor safe may be exactly what you are looking for. Again each safe design has a cash rating and your insurance company recognises and insures against the rating in the event of a burglary. A cash rating or suggested cash rating is normally the cash or valuable limit insurance companies recognise and insure against in the event of a burglary. A safes cash rating will double if you have a recognised alarm.

Secure-All Security In-Floor Safe

Flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection
Interchangeable door (8kg) secured by 3 wheel S&G combination lock
Clear 155mm access to contents storage area 265 x (280 x 280)

CMI Collector In-ground Safe

EDF or TDR Option
Made In Australia
BODY: Reinforced with steel gussets in corners.
DOOR: 20mm thick steel door plate with
gas-ram to assist lifting of door.
MOUNTING: Suitable for installation in
concrete or concrete encased in timber floors
with heavy duty lid (dust cover) forming part of
floor surface.
RELOCKING DEVICES: Incorporated in door.
BOLTWORK: Heavy-duty boltwork with rack
and pinion mechanism.
INSURANCE: Suggested insurable cash rating
for Collector Floor Safes in an unsupported (no
alarms) domestic situation is EDF $40,000
and TDR $75,000.
• Digital locking
• Dial combination locking

Mark I Torch And Drill Resisting In-floor Safe

One million change keyless combination lock
Large door opening 178mm x 127mm (7" x 5") on hinged door model. 254mm x 127mm (10" x 5") on lift-out door model
Suitable for mounting in floor
Proven resistance to drilling, oxy-acetylene cutting and explosives
Relocking devices incorporated in door
Boltwork activated by Rack & Pinion mechanism preventing pening problems often associated with ordinary floor safes

MSC In-floor Safe


Fitted with a Quality UL SecuRam certified swing bolt electronic safe lock, UL Listed La Gard 3 wheel Combination lock mounted or Australian Made Ross 700 pick-resistant key lock on 6mm case hardened steel plate
Gas Strut to assist lifting of door
Spring assisted door pivot for safety
Removal doors to facilitate service and installation
Heavy duty dust cover lid to aid concealment and fire protection
10mm thick steel door plate to protect lock area
Fully welded 3mm steel body
Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
Dual solid 25mm locking bolts
Durable powder coated hammer tone metalic silver finish