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Wentworth WS-1 Safe



• Body: fully welded 8mm steel and 12mm fire Board

• Door: has an thickness of 12mm, fitted with hard plate over the vital areas as well as relocking devices, fitted with 4 way bolt work. Hardened anti drill plate surrounding the lock

• Insurance Cover: A conservative suggested risk rating of cash and valuables for the Wentworth safes would be $60,000 in a supported situation.

• Anchoring: 4 x recessed holes are provided for concrete bolts to mount to the floor.

• Locking: High Security Australian manufactured digital Ross lock

• Hinge: Exterior lift off hinges and internal hinge attack resistant

• Bolts: Heavy 32mm bolts provide a 7 way locking into reinforced sections of the sides and top and bottom of the safe body

• Fire Protection: 30 Minutes Fire Protection on Model WS-1 & WS-2

• Warranty: 5 year warranty on Body 2 years on lock

External measurements: 350H X 480W X 420D, 90Kgs