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Safe Servicing

MSC Safe Company have a team of highly experienced Safe Locksmiths, that can help you with any of the areas below. Contact our Service Team today on (08) 93441962.

01. Qualified Staff

Experienced technicians to assist in the most complex electronic safe issues.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in giving you the best possible service. We are here to help so call us now! (08) 6237 1298

Opening Locked Out Safes

Have you forgotten your safe code or lost your safe key and are locked out of your safe? At MSC SafeCo we are here to help, our highly experienced safe locksmiths have opened small home safes to bank vaults.

Some of the Services MSC SafeCo Provide

Safe Locks

Your safe locks should be serviced regularly. Contact our Service Team today on (08) 93441962

Combination Changes

We can assist yourself or your staff with combination changes.

Safe Installation & Relocation

We can assist with Installation or moving your safe internally or relocating your safe from one premises to another anywhere in Western Australia. No move is too difficult! Contact our Service Team today on (08) 93441962.

Safe Insurance Repairs

MSC Safe Company are able to provide openings, repairs and replacements to safes damaged in attempted thefts, as well as re-instate safes to satisfy insurance requirements. Our experienced, professional locksmiths are preferred by insurance companies due to the cost efficiency and fast turnaround, providing a quick solution to sensitive situations. Contact our Service Team today on (08) 93441962

Cutting Keys

Need extra keys? No problem, bring your keys into our showroom in Osborne Park and we can usually cut them on the spot.

Safe Lock Upgrades

Are your staff struggling with Combination Locks? Are You Worried About Losing Keys?
We can upgrade your safe lock to an Australian Made Ross Digital Lock.

Safe Restoration Service

If you have an old safe that needs to be brought back to its former glory, we have the skills to restore safes back to their original condition, we can also repaint it to the colour you wish.

Safe Repairs

If you have a problem with your safe we can repair it, contact our Service Team today on (08) 93441962.