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MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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Drug & Pharmacy Safes

Our commercial grade Schedule 8 Pharmacy safes in the Pharmacy range offer first class theft and fire protection in the one unit. CMI safes are used by all State and Federal Governments and many of Australia's leading National Companies. CMI Pharmacy safes are available in attractive enamel durable finishes. The satin finish handles,locks and fascia panels complement the high quality appearance.

CMI Pharmacy Safes comply with W.A Health Department and IATA Travel Industry specifications.


Platinum Drug Safes

Platinum Drug Safe

Secure Storage of Prescription Drugs

The Platinum Drug Safe is specifically designed to secure prescription drugs for hospitals, pharmacies, aged care, veterinary and medical clinics. It is one of the only drug safes in Australia that offers an audit trail digital locking system to provide access reports and an auto latching mechanism which ensures the door will automatically lock as soon as it is closed. This safe complies with the Australian Health Department Specifications.

Complies with the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations Act 1995
Auto latching mechanism with a digital code lock offering superior protection
Audit trail digital locking system available to provide full reports on staff accessing the safe
3 way locking mechanism (Models PS3, PS4, PS5, PS6, PS7)
Heavy duty construction with a 10mm steel plate door and body to the Australia Health and Pharmaceutical specifications.
Relocking device to act against punching
Features a 6mm hardened plate between the safe door and locking mechanism
4 mount holes in the base and 4 mount holes in the back
Recessed hinged door with hinged bolts
Adjustable shelving for optimum storage
Quality Australian-made digital & key locks
Double bitted pick resistant key lock Ross 700 series
UL listed La Gard combination lock
Resilient power costed finish in metallic grey


DS900 Drug Safe

Constructed from 10mm
steel plate door and body
to Health Department
• Model DS900 has five
removable shelves.
• 4 x 16mm bolt holes in
back with 4 x 16mm bolt
holes in base.
• Secured by a Ross 700
pick proof key lock.
CD BBF KB 12/6/12

Height 900mm
Width 600mm
Depth 300mm
Weight 240kg

Dominator Premium Safeguard DS Safes



Containing a high quality steel and penetration resistant concrete composite body and door, the DS Series is an optimum solution to security in commercial applications requiring a moderate level of protection against theft and fire.

The 5 sizes in the range allow suitable options for use as a high security domestic safe, or an efficient and effective security fixture for business and commercial use.

Offering the best value for money possible, the DS Series is the setting benchmark in both domestic and commercial security. Scroll down to find out more.


The smallest in the series, the DS-0 is a domestic sized high security commercial quality fire and theft resistant safe, ideal for protecting important personal documents and valuable in the home.


Large enough to fit important document folders, but small enough to not impose on space limitations, the DS-1 is an ideal solution for large domestic or small commercial use.


Security and space come together in the DS-2 to provide a practically sized commercial fire and security safe that boasts all of the high security features expected in a quality built safe.


Additional storage capacity and locking points highlight the features in the DS-3 safe. A tailored commercial strength with enough space to offer flexibility of use.


The largest in the range, the DS-4 caters for high volumes of secure storage while maintaining all of the qualities and features of the DS Series of commercial safes.

Pharmacy Heavy Duty Safes

BODY: Overall thickness of 80mm. The barrier features a highly efficient material between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel.

DOOR: Total thickness 90mm. The Pharmacy door provides a heavy steel front section supported by drill-resistant hardened plate over all vital lock areas. An inner panel of fire
resistant compound also adds to the fire protection.

Premier High Security Safes

The design of the safes and materials used provide defence barriers resisting to:

Oxy-Acetylene attack
Drills and abrasive grinders
Explosives and force
Pneumatic and hydraulic tools

Rhino MKIII RS-04 Pharmacy Safe

The Rhino MK III RS-04 Pharmacy safe is a high quality, value for money safe manufactured under the license of the Mutual Safe Company (a South African company) who has been manufacturing safes for over 30 years.