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MSC Safe Co supply & service quality safes in Perth & WA.

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Federal Govt. SCEC Products

Class A High Security Safes

Each model fitted with a standard 2, 3 or 4 drawer filing cabinet

Optional supply of Manifoil Mk4 Combination Lock in place of XO9 at an additional cost.

Class B Key Custody Safe

Weight: 14kg

Internal Height: 153mm

Internal Width: 238mm

Internal Depth: 92mm

External height: 165mm

External Width: 250mm

External Depth: 155mm

Class C Filing Cabinets

4 Drawer Model GCC4 1340 530 670 145
3 Drawer Model GCC3 1020 530 670 118
2 Drawer Model GCC2 700 530 670 82
Internal Drawer Size 250 385 570

Class A SCEC Endorsed Strongroom Door & Frame

Duel Double Yoked XO9 or Manifoil Mark 4 combination locks
Glass activated deadlocking relocking devices are provided within the door as standard
Overall door thickness of 180mm including a slab section of 100mm combining a lamination of alloy and refractory material to resist oxy acetylene and drill attack
Emergency internal release mechanism fitted as standard

Resisting to:

Oxy-Acetylene attack
Drills and abrasive grinders
Explosives and force
Pneumatic and hydraulic tools

Security construction and equipment committee endorsed (SCEC)

Class B SCEC Endorsed Strongroom Door & Frame

Class B SCEC Endorsed Strongroom Door & Frame

SCEC Endorsed Class B Filing Cabinets

SCEC Endorsed Class C Filing Cabinets

Refurbished Bosco SCEC B Class 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

External Height: 1355mm

External Width: 550mm

External Depth: 765mm

Price: $3,500.00

Refurbished Chubb "B Class" 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Weight: 211kgs

External Height: 715mm

External Width: 545mm

External Depth: 735mm

Price: $2,800.00