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General Questions

What type of safe should I buy?

Everyone has a different requirement for their safe, we have a range of sizes, levels of security and/or fire protection to suit all requirements. There is no one safe that provides a solution for every different application. Therefore, we recommend you contact us for a fully customized solution for you.

Some suitable questions to think about in the meantime would be:

What size safe am I after?
Do I want digital, combination or key lock?
Do my items require protection from fire or just theft?
Does my insurance company require a specific cash rating?

We would be happy to assist you further, please phone us on (08) 9344 1962.

Does my safe need to be installed?

We always recommend installing your safe so that someone cannot pick it up and take it away.

MSC Safe Company recommends you anchor your safe to a concrete floor, as this is the most secure option.

Safes that are properly installed eliminate the ability to easily remove the safe from the premises and reduce the capabilities of any attempted forced entry attack.

Make sure to use quality fixings and have them installed correctly to maximize the protection offered and seek professional assistance from our police licensed safe installers if uncertain. We would be happy to provide you with bolts free of charge.

What is a cash rating?

The safe’s cash rating represents the level of security that a safe will offer in the event of an attack and the amount of cash that an insurance company may underwrite and pay out in case of burglary or damage (you will need to discuss this with your insurance). Manufacturer’s test their safes under harsh conditions based on their resistance and then, categorize each safe into cash ratings. The construction of the safe defines each safe’s cash rating. Simply put the higher the cash rating, the more secure a safe is.

What is a fire rating?

A fire rating is a reference to the level of protection a safe offers the contents against fire. Fire Resistant Safes are designed to protect papers from extreme heat within a specific time period, usually 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours.

How do I change my combination?

There are several different types of locks used on our safes, so you will need to identify the brand and model of safe in order to obtain the correct operating and combination changing instructions.

We have provided links to all of the common types of locks used on our safes under the ‘Lock Instructions’ heading to assist you with the relevant procedures. If you need any further assistance, feel free to email us or contact us by phone on (08) 93441962.