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MSC has the largest safe showroom in Western Australia.

W.A. distributors for Platinum Safes, Dominator Safes, CMI Safes, Secuguard Safes, Rhino Safes & Defiance Safes. We stock a range of Second hand Chubb Safes, Wormald Safes, Lord Safes, Guardall Safes & Kumahira Safes.

Commercial & Residential Safes

We have developed a platform where locking devices can be customised. Safes can be fitted with digital, combination or key locks. All digital & key locks are Australian made by KJ Ross and Combination locks by La Gard.

Business Innovation Services

Our safes are designed using innovative techniques that provide the latest in security technology. Such as the Platinum Drug Safe, that offers an audit trail digital locking solution and auto latching mechanism, providing premium protection.

Quality & Affordability

Our focus is based on the development of premium quality safes that are offered to the market at the most cost effective and value driven price. We have made it affordable to purchase a quality safe that you can trust to protect your valuables.

MSC SafeCo employ highly qualified & experienced technicians to assist in the most complex electronic safe issues.

We Stock a Full Range of Home & Commercial Safes