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Burg-Wachter CL20S Key lock Safe


Measurements: External 360 x 495 x 445 Internal 245 x 380 x 297 Door 245 x 325 Weight 55 Kgs Volume 27L


The BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinets out of the Combi-Line series not only guarantee ideal security for burglary but also are tested and certified in fire protection.
A Combi-Line safe is convenient for the private household to keep valuables safe from burglary and fire.
Certified fire protection
Combi-Line safes offer certified fire protection in all sizes and variants (fire resistance LFS 30 P according to EN 15659). A composite insulation in front of the door leaf functions as a heat protection for lock and bolts so that the valuables inside stay protected against fire damage. In case of a fire, a 30-minute fire protection for paper guaranteed.
Composite insulation in front of the door leaf provides heat protection for lock and bolts
Double-walled construction
Internal hinge
Lateral locking through 25 mm diameter strong round bolts plus sliding bolt on the top
All-over gripping rail on the hinge side
2 drill holes on the bottom
Colour: body grey, door light grey

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