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New Products

New Products

Below is a list of our various latest release products, they all differ in their uses. They can also be found under a range of different headings on our website.

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Dominator HS Series Safes
Dominator HS Series Safes



Secured by a solid 12mm thick steel plate door with hardened steel and secondary relocking devices, the HS series is a premium domestic safe that perfectly combines home security and efficient use of space.

The interior walls are lined with 12mm thick fire retardant paneling, allowing 30 minutes of protection from fire, and the carpet throughout provides a tidy interior finish.

With 3 size options, catering from small domestic use up to large volume paper and valuables storage, the HS series is one of the best value for money safes on the Australian market. Scroll down to find out more.


While the HS-1 is the smallest in the series, it is still large enough to securely store vital A4 documents inside. Secured by 3 extra-large 32mm diameter locking bolts, the HS-1 is the perfect domestic safe.


An efficient use of space, additional locking points and increased security features found in the HS-2 safe allow it to provide unrivalled value for money.


Commercial internal sizing in a domestic safe allows for higher than average storage capacity requirements without needing to pay for unnecessary commercial safe features.


The increased height in the HS-4 improves accessibility without imposing further on floor space. The narrow profile allows installations where limited depth of space is available.



Dominator Premium Safeguard DS Safes
Dominator Premium Safeguard DS Safes



Containing a high quality steel and penetration resistant concrete composite body and door, the DS Series is an optimum solution to security in commercial applications requiring a moderate level of protection against theft and fire.

The 5 sizes in the range allow suitable options for use as a high security domestic safe, or an efficient and effective security fixture for business and commercial use.

Offering the best value for money possible, the DS Series is the setting benchmark in both domestic and commercial security. Scroll down to find out more.


The smallest in the series, the DS-0 is a domestic sized high security commercial quality fire and theft resistant safe, ideal for protecting important personal documents and valuable in the home.


Large enough to fit important document folders, but small enough to not impose on space limitations, the DS-1 is an ideal solution for large domestic or small commercial use.


Security and space come together in the DS-2 to provide a practically sized commercial fire and security safe that boasts all of the high security features expected in a quality built safe.


Additional storage capacity and locking points highlight the features in the DS-3 safe. A tailored commercial strength with enough space to offer flexibility of use.


The largest in the range, the DS-4 caters for high volumes of secure storage while maintaining all of the qualities and features of the DS Series of commercial safes.


MSC In-floor Safe
MSC In-floor Safe


  • Fitted with a Quality UL SecuRam certified swing bolt electronic safe lock, UL Listed La Gard 3 wheel Combination lock mounted or Australian Made Ross 700 pick-resistant key lock on 6mm case hardened steel plate
  • Gas Strut to assist lifting of door
  • Spring assisted door pivot for safety
  • Removal doors to facilitate service and installation
  • Heavy duty dust cover lid to aid concealment and fire protection
  • 10mm thick steel door plate to protect lock area
  • Fully welded 3mm steel body
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering
  • Dual solid 25mm locking bolts
  • Durable powder coated hammer tone metalic silver finish

Combination Lock Price $709

Digital or Key Lock Price $765


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MSC Pharmacy Safe
MSC Pharmacy Safe

MSC Pharmacy safe is commercial grade, offering first class theft and fire protection.
Economically priced, the safes feature large internal space, with 2 adjustable shelves.
BODY: Overall thickness of 100mm.
The barrier features a highly efficient material between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel.
DOOR: Total door thickness of 100mm with 12mm heavy steel front section supported by
drill-resistant hardened plate over all vital lock areas. An inner panel of fire resistant compound also adds to the fire protection.
LOCKING: One Kaba 6-digit electronic combination lock which secures the heavy duty 30mm bolt work, further supported by two automatic relockers. Optional additional key lock.
INSURANCE COVER: A conservative suggested risk rating for MSC Pharmacy safes overnight holding of cash and valuables would be $50,000 in an unsupported situation.
ANCHORING: 2 x 20mm recessed holes for anchor mounting to floor.
FINISH: Available in attractive powder coated durable finishes to suit office or home. Stainless finish handles and fascia panels.



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